Secrets of Anti-Aging : Know and beat the enemy of aging

Anti-Aging Remedies – Know your Enemy

Anti Aging Secrets   Knowing the enemy is the first step to defeat him, so keep a close eye on the following factors of aging and eliminate their impact!

1. Sun Damage:

Sun damage is one of the biggest challenges that our skin faces. Collagen in our skin gets broken down by the sun’s rays which can lead to dullness, lines, and leathery skin! Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun also delivers destructive free radicals to the skin which harm our cells, leading to damage that later reveals itself as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and discoloration.

Most importantly, make applying an SPF (30+) part of your daily routine, whatever the weather or your plans. You’ll be protected and ready to face the elements, no matter what.

2. Smoking:

Smoking ages our skin in a variety of ways. Skin damage from smoking may not show up immediately; however, smoking reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can get to your skin cells by narrowing your blood vessels (restricting blood flow). Over the years, these cells don’t get the good stuff they need and are damaged significantly.

3. Pollution:

Pollution can speed up the production of the free radicals that attack and harm our cells. It can also irritate our skin. However, since your exposure depends on where you live and work, pollution is also one of the hardest skin enemies to avoid. To protect yourself, make sure to use a skin cream with antioxidants and cleanse your skin thoroughly every night to wash off any dirt or grime from your environment.

4. Stress:

Our minds and bodies are intricately connected. When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol which may increase oil production in the skin, causing you to break out. Stress may also inhibit your skin’s ability to repair itself and release free radicals that damage skin cells.

This is not an easy point to address because everyone is different but try to make “ME TIME” put your mind and body more at ease by pampering yourself with a nice warm bath, DIY home spa facial mask, and simply taking deep breaths.

5. Alcohol:

An occasional glass is fine, but regular and heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to the dehydration of your body and your skin. Dehydration damages skin’s elastin and collagen which are both vital to keeping our skin looking firm and free of fine lines and wrinkles.

As with many habits, moderation is key. Moreover, whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, be sure to keep your skin and body hydrated by drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

6. Avoiding Exercise:

Exercise is great for the body and the mind. It’s also great for your skin! Physical activity promotes the healthy circulation that keeps skin healthy and vibrant. Exercise increases blood flow which allows more oxygen and nutrients to be carried to cells all over your body, including skin cells which is a huge benefit for anti aging. To see the benefits, try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 days each week.

Anti Aging Skin Care

So how do we fight the enemy and what is the best skin care secrets experts use to beat aging?

Dermatologists are some of the best resources available to learn how to keep our skin healthy and youthful for as long as possible! They have their fingers on the pulse of science and technology and have access to the newest surgeries, injections, peels, creams, lasers, and much, much more. However, we have found that their main recommendations for anti aging skin care don’t involve lasers, injections, or surgeries! Instead, they recommend good habits and simple life changes to what we eat and drink that we can all take to slow down and prevent the appearance of aging and even begin to reverse it.

1. Choose antioxidants:

Antioxidants are among the most highly recommended ingredients for skincare products. Most dermatologists consider antioxidants in moisturizers essential to target the damage caused by free radicals and help prevent future damage to our skin cells.

Antioxidants are also recommended for the foods we eat! Foods rich in anti-oxidants, including vitamins C and E, are a must for aging skin. Green tea, fruits, and dark chocolate are among the antioxidant-rich foods that help fight free radical damage.


2. Eat water-rich foods:

Hydration is essential for healthy, glowing skin. Water is critical to the health and functioning of so many of our body’s organs – our skin is no exception!

Experts recommend that you eat a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables in addition to your liquid hydration. These raw foods (like lettuce, watermelon, broccoli,grapefruit, and more) contain a lot of water and our body can use them like it uses the water we drink to keep us hydrated and healthy


3. Avoid crash diets:

Slimming down can be great for our health and for our self-confidence, but losing weight too quickly can indicate that you’re losing water weight, not fat. This water weight loss can show up in your face, making your facial skin look more drawn and sagging.

When dieting, take it slow and aim for targeted losses, not miracle/starvation diets! Also, be sure to include foods that are high in zinc, copper, and selenium as these are all skin firming minerals!


4. Limit salt intake:

For healthier, hydrated skin, you may want to hide your salt shaker! Salt collects in the skin and carries water with it, which in turn can cause puffiness and dryness.

Most of the prepared foods we eat contain more than enough of our daily sodium needs, so try not to add excess salt to your meals.


5. Limit alcohol intake:

When it comes to alcohol, the experts advise moderation. Too much alcohol is detrimental to your skin’s appearance because it causes blood vessels to widen and dehydrates skin.

Dehydration can cause dry skin as well as puffiness in delicate spots, like under the eyes. In the short term, alcohol can make your skin look red and flushed.

Long term excessive drinking can lead to permanent red blotches and unsightly broken blood vessels that will require laser treatments to correct.

6. Dont Forget to Brush Up:

Cosmetic dentists also have advice when it comes to keeping your face as youthful and beautiful as possible! Teeth tend to tint towards yellow as we age, so always brush your teeth after drinking wine or coffee. Condiments, such as ketchup and soysauce can also make your teeth susceptible to stains.

Look for toothpaste with whitening powers and try over-the-counter whitening strips once yearly. Use caution with teeth whitening, however, as excessive treatments can strip necessary enamel and damage your teeth.

7. Anti Aging Skin Care:

Dermatologists in the anti aging industry cant afford to make skin care products that are not working and with years of research and testing and even patented anti aging skin care products it tells us the break through in skin care technology opened a new era of self care where expensive laser, injection or surgery treatment can be avoided. Combined with natural self care we are in a better position than ever before.

Anti Aging Moisturizer Cream


DIY skin treatments!

As wonderful and luxurious as salon treatments are, who has the time and the money to constantly be pampered in the beauty spa? Often, treatments of the do-it-yourself variety can produce the same effects, at fractions of the cost! Below are treatments that can help you relax and to  get the soft, glowing skin you want from the comfort of own home.